First Newsletter!

Well, I sent off my first newsletter.  It was a little stressful trying to write something interesting about someone who is definitely NOT interesting.  LOL.  But, it is done and, so far, I have had good feedback.  I hope to do a newsletter every month.  So, if you have not signed up, please do.

Also, because I am on facebook, instagram, and I have a newsletter, I am thinking of stopping this blog.  I can only do so much and still work on my art.  Please comment and let me know if anyone even reads this blog.  I will probably stop contributing to it, but I would like to know if I should leave it up.  My thought is to completely remove it.  What do you think?

Oh, there is a winner in the giveaway:  Jessica Diercks!  She won the signed, limited-edition print of Rooster in the South of France.  She says that she really wanted it to hang in the kitchen of their new house.  Wonderful idea!

Until next time...  

A little watercolor sketch.  The crock belonged to my paternal grandmother.

A little watercolor sketch.  The crock belonged to my paternal grandmother.

What's happening at VCMFA?

Well, it has been a busy and interesting week, but I will keep this brief.  Yesterday, I was concentrating on my new portrait:

Beloved was out walking Dum-Dum Doggy:


Beloved called me downstairs.  He said that Dum-Dum Doggy had a present for me.  I was a little irritated from being interrupted and was mumbling that it had better be good.  Well, I didn't even think to bring a camera.  I thought it was going to be a dead rabbit or something.  Well, it was a very large turtle in the yard.  It was covered in damp dirt and looked a little groggy.  I bent down to try to pick it up and it came alive then!  LOL!  I didn't know they could move so fast.  It looked like he was missing a leg, so I flipped him over to see.  No, he was fine.  He was heavy and very active.  He flipped himself right side up, again, and took off.  His shell must have been about 10 or 12 inches across.  DDD wanted that turtle so badly that he was dripping slobber while he was whining and dancing around.  We were not about to let him go for it, because we didn't want injuries on either side.  The turtle went into the wet ditch and disappeared in the muck.  How nifty!  I wish I had a picture of it.  That's what I get for being grumpy.

Today, I had my two students for their art lesson and we worked on facial features, including hair:

R is making a beautiful head of hair.

R is making a beautiful head of hair.

Teacher making a messy head of hair...

Teacher making a messy head of hair...

E is touching up her homework assignment.

E is touching up her homework assignment.

Last week, as soon as they got here, I showed them the nest that was in my hanging basket on the back porch.  Then, when it was time for them to leave, I showed them the nest, again, and told them to make a color picture of it.  They could use whatever they wanted to make it and they chose colored pencils.  I always do whatever they are doing, so I chose acrylic paints, but mine is not done, yet.

I really enjoy the girls.  They are sweet, fun, and very talented.  The Lord is spoiling me with them for my first students.

I hope you all have a beautiful, artistic week.  See you next time.

virginiacmccoyfineartlogo red curled SMALL.jpg

Tree at Sunrise

Here is my latest painting.  It is an abstract.  Abstract comes in many flavors and intensities.  There are two main categories:  Objective and Non-objective.  Objective means that it has a recognizable object, although not in totally realistic form, and that was intentional.  Non-objective means that there is nothing clearly recognizable and there is not intended to be one.  Mine is obviously objective, I hope.  It is a little difficult to loosen up and go abstract when, all your life, you have striven to be realistic.  But, I like abstract art and I am trying to get good at it.  Believe it or not, abstract is a little more difficult than realistic.  With realistic, you have something on which to base your art.  With realistic, there is a right way and a wrong way, albeit sometimes that is rather loosely applied and still realistic.  With abstract, you have to use your imagination.  I like the imagination part and the freedom with colors.  I like freedom...


I also have an old picture to show you.  I don't know exactly when I did this, but it had to have been more than 20 years ago.  It is a watercolor and I just love her!  But, I had obvious troubles with the hand.  That is such a thorn in my side.  It it weren't for that hand...  Oh, well.  I love this picture:


I was in the early stages of learning watercolor, but I thought it turned out rather well.  Except for that...  Oh, never mind...



Okay, here is my latest portrait of my beloved husband.

He has such a nice smile on his face, in the photo.  I'm glad I was able to capture some of it.  He is happy with it, although he has said that he is uncomfortable looking at a portrait of himself.  I understand.

If you comment, please give me an honest critique of the drawing.  Beloved says that the shirt looks funny.  To me, that is the best part of the drawing.  I mean the best part that I drew.  Or maybe it is his eyes...  Or his big beautiful beard...

New Website

I am working on a new website for my new business, Virginia C. McCoy Fine Art.  My old blog will disappear about a month after I launch my new site, which should happen in about three or four weeks.  Maybe sooner, maybe later...

In the meantime, I am working on another portrait of Beloved.  He suggested that I show it while it is in progress, but I can't bring myself to do that, just yet.  It is a long, slow process for me, with much angst.  I am looking for an anti-angst pill, if anyone knows of one.

I am thinking of seriously getting into photography.  I have been dabbling in it (and just about anything else I can think of) for a long time.  Here is the photo that I took, from which I drew my little hummingbird drawing:

Isn't she a beautiful little hummer?  But, it is my experience that the males are mean.  At least with each other.  Usually one male stakes out the feeders and there are all kinds of fights over them.  This year, I have fuschia hanging plants on the back porch and the hummers love them.  We also have a Chipping Sparrow sitting on eggs in one of the fuschia pots.  I hope to get some good photos of those things, soon.


Well, I am wanting to get better at portraits, so one of my class assignments was to draw a skull.  I did the front view.

I still have to do the side view.  But, I got impatient and had to make a portrait.

Does anyone know who this is?  This drawing turned out much better than I expected, but I couldn't get the smile in his eyes and I hate that.  It is on a small piece of paper.  I wonder if making it bigger would have helped me to capture the details better.  Nothing to do, but try.

I managed to get the smile of the skull, above.  That figures...


I have been working on some flowers and decided to try chives.  How nifty!  I based them on the chives in our front yard, which my beloved friend gave to me, and which are about to burst into bloom.  I think they turned out quite nicely and I like them very much.

Graphite Baby and Acrylic Flowers

This began as a quick project for the girls and I, yesterday.  But, I loved it so much that I worked hard at it and now I am going to give it for a present.  I wonder if I am the only one that loves my own creations too well.  I know that the Lord loves His creation, but He does it perfectly.  I do it selfishly.

I also painted some little flowers on paper.  I copied Angela Anderson.  My beloved particularly loves these.

They are for cards.  I love them, also.

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you..."  Jeremiah 1:5

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you..."  Jeremiah 1:5

New Masterpiece

It took me a week and much angst to get this done.  But, I love it!  

This is my version of some other versions of some Van Gogh paintings:  Starry Night; Sunflower; and Wheat Field.

It is rather stressful for me to try to figure out what is my original work and what is not.  I see so many artists on youtube all painting pretty much the same things, just their own versions of it, and I wonder what is right and what is not.  It seems fine to me to make your own version of the same things, but I don't know.  Some artists are very sticky about it and some are very easy-going.  I want to do the right thing, but don't always know how that is to be done.

This painting was quite fun and it is hanging in my living room.

I thought it would be fun to show my palettes.  I use styrofoam trays that you buy in the grocery store.  When I am not actually painting, I cover them with clean trays and seal them in plastic bags, to keep the paint wet until I need it, again.  It works quite well.  I thought the palettes, after I was done with the painting, were quite pretty.  Maybe I can frame them as abstract art!

Now, I am going on to my next project.  So many ideas, so little time!

Still Life with Oranges

I have been working on a new painting, but, in the meantime, I have this drawing to share with you.  This was our lesson, yesterday, when I had my two students.  It is really nifty when we are drawing.  The windows open, the big doggy asleep in front of the back door, the birds making as much noise as they can, the rooster making himself known, and we three silently drawing with great concentration.  The time passes so quickly!  Anyway, here is what I accomplished.

If you can figure out what the above picture is supposed to be, I will consider it a great success!  


My reference photo for this drawing is one that I took several years ago on our back deck.  I have loved that photo and have wanted to draw or paint it for a long time.  Well, tonight, I gave it a try.  I am so happy with it!  I have been taking courses from The Virtual Instructor, teaching it, and practicing.  Thank the Lord, I am improving.  I have no idea how this skill can be used to glorify the Lord, but I hope that I can use it that way, someday.  For now, I am enjoying it and I hope others are.

This was done in my sketchbook, with graphite, so there is another drawing showing through.  I didn't really expect it to turn out well, or I would have used some good paper.

My lovely hummingbird.

Watercolor Birches

I watched a video from The Virtual Instructor and thought I would give it a try.  Well, I am really loving these birches.  I have decided to work on some watercolors and more of my drawing, for a while.  Art materials are not cheap and I am trying to use up what I have.  It is rather mind-blowing to switch media.  But, it is good for the ole brain, though.

Love them birches!

A Mooo-ving Experience

I love this painting of a cow that I did, today!  What fun, and she is such a cutie.  There is just something about the long lashes on a cow...

I finally have my own cow!  I will name her Clover.

Old-Lady Baby

Well, I recently heard that it is difficult to make a child look childish when you are making a portrait.  I believe it!  I painted this picture with oils many years ago.  It is from a photo of me as a toddler.  I guess it is pretty good, considering how inexperienced I was.  I hope to make another one sometime in the future, in acrylics or maybe colored pencil or something else.  The photo I used as a reference was black and white.  I was free with my choice of colors.  I like this painting!


I had to take a little break from my latest masterpiece to make a miniature painting of a Van Gogh-ish sort.  I painted along with Cinnamon Cooney, The Art Sherpa.  Mine is on a 5x7 piece of paper and I made it for a card.  I love it and may have to put it on a large canvas, soon.  It was quite fun to paint.  I love most of Van Gogh's paintings, especially the sunflowers.  This needs a darker sky, but I like it.

Starry Night Sunflower


But we have this treasure in jars of clay,

to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.

2 Corinthians 4:7

You never know where the Lord will lead you.  I certainly don't!  Well, I have always had an unhealthy horror of teaching anyone anything; at least formally.  I suppose I have taught many people many things over the years, but when you call it "teaching" I get nauseous, start sweating, possibly cry, and feel like I am going to die.  Well, I have been trying, for many years, to overcome that and also to cheerfully do the Lord's will.

Shortly after I started up with my art, again, I was confronted head-on with someone wanting me to teach art to her daughters.  I immediately started feeling sick, but I agreed to do it.  It has been three weeks, now, and I am enjoying myself so much!  I am also learning along with them.  We are using The Virtual Instructor.  We started with The Elements of Art and are now taking a course called The Secrets to Drawing.  I am really enjoying it and I must say that the girls are really enjoying it, too.  However, they have already had some training and they are very good.  They are good and eager students and it is a joy to be with them.

Here are some samples of my work:

My first egg drawing.

Three-point perspective.

My second egg.

My color wheel.  I love playing with color.

Paper Bags

My coffee mug, which I drew after supper tonight.

These are just a few random samples of what I am doing, lately.

I am also working on another painting.  I am trying to do as much painting as I can, as that is the only way I can improve, I suppose.  It is a coastal scene.  The water is eating my lunch!  But, I will persevere!  I think...

Rooster is done!

Well, I finally got him done.  I like him.  He is not like the drawing, but my paintings are never like my drawings.  The drawing, after studying it a while, actually looks more like a cardinal to me.  Ha!  Well, here he is in all his glory.  I painted three different backgrounds, before stopping and putting the rooster on top of it.  This is my first original acrylic painting!  Enjoy!

Gerard-like rooster boy in the south of France (or not...)

Working On A Chicken

I am working on my latest painting.  It is so much easier just to follow along with someone else's painting.  That means that they have done all the hard preparatory work.  I was born lazy and it is a real struggle overcoming something like that.  Well, I want to paint a chicken.  So, I have the underpainting done and I am agonizing over the chicken.  Or rooster, to be exact.  I used a photo of our very first rooster, Gerard, who is long gone.  He was a very handsome rooster and had a wonderful personality, too.  He was a Buff Orpington, but I don't know what color he will turn out on the painting.  Here is my initial sketch.  I just have to somehow get this onto the canvas....

Impression of a vaguely Gerard-like rooster.

Something New, Something Old...

I am working on creating my very own painting.  Thus far, I have been copying.  In my initial post, I had said that I was taking up painting.  I guess what I really meant was that I am taking up acrylic painting.  I have actually been painting, off and on, for many years.  The painting that I am working on is going to take a while, because I have to do all the thinking, planning, executing, and angst-ing by my very own self.  It's hard.  And I am dealing with all those negative thoughts and desires to give up.  So, it may take a while...

In the meantime, I will regale you with a blast from the past.  I did several pencil drawings of the head of Michelangelo's David.  I must say that they turned out really nice, but I have lost the drawings.  I did an oil painting of it, though.


Head of David watermark.jpg