But we have this treasure in jars of clay,

to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.

2 Corinthians 4:7

You never know where the Lord will lead you.  I certainly don't!  Well, I have always had an unhealthy horror of teaching anyone anything; at least formally.  I suppose I have taught many people many things over the years, but when you call it "teaching" I get nauseous, start sweating, possibly cry, and feel like I am going to die.  Well, I have been trying, for many years, to overcome that and also to cheerfully do the Lord's will.

Shortly after I started up with my art, again, I was confronted head-on with someone wanting me to teach art to her daughters.  I immediately started feeling sick, but I agreed to do it.  It has been three weeks, now, and I am enjoying myself so much!  I am also learning along with them.  We are using The Virtual Instructor.  We started with The Elements of Art and are now taking a course called The Secrets to Drawing.  I am really enjoying it and I must say that the girls are really enjoying it, too.  However, they have already had some training and they are very good.  They are good and eager students and it is a joy to be with them.

Here are some samples of my work:

My first egg drawing.

Three-point perspective.

My second egg.

My color wheel.  I love playing with color.

Paper Bags

My coffee mug, which I drew after supper tonight.

These are just a few random samples of what I am doing, lately.

I am also working on another painting.  I am trying to do as much painting as I can, as that is the only way I can improve, I suppose.  It is a coastal scene.  The water is eating my lunch!  But, I will persevere!  I think...