New Masterpiece

It took me a week and much angst to get this done.  But, I love it!  

This is my version of some other versions of some Van Gogh paintings:  Starry Night; Sunflower; and Wheat Field.

It is rather stressful for me to try to figure out what is my original work and what is not.  I see so many artists on youtube all painting pretty much the same things, just their own versions of it, and I wonder what is right and what is not.  It seems fine to me to make your own version of the same things, but I don't know.  Some artists are very sticky about it and some are very easy-going.  I want to do the right thing, but don't always know how that is to be done.

This painting was quite fun and it is hanging in my living room.

I thought it would be fun to show my palettes.  I use styrofoam trays that you buy in the grocery store.  When I am not actually painting, I cover them with clean trays and seal them in plastic bags, to keep the paint wet until I need it, again.  It works quite well.  I thought the palettes, after I was done with the painting, were quite pretty.  Maybe I can frame them as abstract art!

Now, I am going on to my next project.  So many ideas, so little time!