New Website

I am working on a new website for my new business, Virginia C. McCoy Fine Art.  My old blog will disappear about a month after I launch my new site, which should happen in about three or four weeks.  Maybe sooner, maybe later...

In the meantime, I am working on another portrait of Beloved.  He suggested that I show it while it is in progress, but I can't bring myself to do that, just yet.  It is a long, slow process for me, with much angst.  I am looking for an anti-angst pill, if anyone knows of one.

I am thinking of seriously getting into photography.  I have been dabbling in it (and just about anything else I can think of) for a long time.  Here is the photo that I took, from which I drew my little hummingbird drawing:

Isn't she a beautiful little hummer?  But, it is my experience that the males are mean.  At least with each other.  Usually one male stakes out the feeders and there are all kinds of fights over them.  This year, I have fuschia hanging plants on the back porch and the hummers love them.  We also have a Chipping Sparrow sitting on eggs in one of the fuschia pots.  I hope to get some good photos of those things, soon.