The Beginning of the Clouds

It took me a while to mix up my colors, but I got some nifty ones.  I don't know if I will use them all, but I enjoyed playing.  To begin, I had to clean up my work area, then move my painting cart over.  I got all my oil paints out and started putting them on my little glass palette.  I mix on the glass palette and then transfer my finished colors to my butcher paper-covered piece of cardboard inside my Masterson Wet Palette.  It has a cover so that, when I am not actively using the paints, they will stay wet and usable.  But, I learned, the hard way, that they won't stay wet forever.  LOL!  I only have six tubes of oil colors.  I chose to use the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow), plus burnt umber, black, and white.  I also chose to use M. Graham paints, because they are non-toxic, they use walnut oil, they are very nice colors, and they are a little less expensive than some of the other really good non-toxic oil paints.  So, I squeezed a little of all the colors and a lot of white on my glass palette, then, looking at my reference photo which is on my kindle, I started mixing colors.  I am not planning on making the painting exactly like the photo, but I am using it as a reference.  If I get a nifty idea, I will run with it.  LOL!  That is why there are some wild colors on my final palette.  I want to be ready, in case I get the itch, if you know what I mean.

So, I painted the canvas with a medium gray undertone.  Then I started applying some cloud forms.  I am still not sure how the clouds will turn out.  It will look really bad until it starts looking good.  There will probably be dozens of layers before I am finished with the sky.  I got the first layer of clouds done and it will have to dry for about 24 hours before I apply the next layer or two.  Oil painting can be slow, unless you are doing wet on wet, which I think I will not be doing.  I am still relatively new to oil painting, so this is still a learning experience for me.  Together, we will see what comes of my efforts.