Following His Muse

The cloudy sky in which the B-17 Flying Fortress wishes to fly is not drying.  I guess I am spoiled by using acrylics, which dry so fast.  I bought a "fast-drying medium" which does not appear to help very much.  I suppose I ought to be thankful that it is helping at all, because I was working on a painting of evergreen trees in the snow, a little while ago, and it took WEEKS to dry!  LOL!  So, as soon as I have anything to report on the clouds, I will let you know.

Following His Muse small.jpg

I do have a pastel drawing for you, today.  I call it "Following His Muse".  It is pastel pencils on Canson Mi-Tientes Touch sanded paper.  It is roughly 8x10.  I was attracted to the reference photo because of his dreamy countenance, which made me think that he was not really there, he was far away with his music.  I understand...  I follow my muse and I don't hear the washer and dryer screaming for my attention, the cat vomiting, or Ron coming home.  I do hear the dog, if he insists on getting my attention.  LOL!