Sunrise in Hobbiton

Well, I chose my own reference photo for the landscape class that I took.  I loved the naked tree.  It turned out a little bit weird, to me, so that is why I named it Sunrise in Hobbiton.  LOL!  I used a new paper and, of course, I don't like it.  I never seem to like anything new.  I am trying to recognize that and overcome it.  With patience, I usually can learn to like almost anything, so I need to keep reminding myself of that and slog on.  I have 20 sheets of this paper, so I better learn to use it.  It is Hahnemuhle Ingres paper and it is thin and doesn't appear to hold very much pastel.  I am willing to take a class on it and learn how to use it like I learned how to use the velour paper, if I can find one...

Sunset in Hobbiton medium.jpg

I am working on part three of the Portrait Commission series.  My next project just happens to be a portrait, also.

Have you read The Hobbit or seen the movie?  I remember reading it when I was a kid and wanting, so desperately, to live in a hobbit hole.  I still do...  LOL!  And the movie is great, although we all know the book is better!