I have been wanting to do a portrait of David for a long time and never could find the right photo.  Well, I found a picture that I really love, but it is small and dark and I can't enlarge it and get any detail.  I tried drawing it, but I got frustrated and started whining about losing my mojo.  LOL!  It always seems to happen that when I make a piece that I really love and am excited about (the tiger), the next few pieces are such that weigh my spirit down until I despair of ever making another piece worth the time and trouble to make it.  Such was Sunrise in Hobbiton and such is David.  However, after scanning it and posting it, somehow my mind changed and I like it.  I could not make it look like him, and the eyes are horrible, but the overall picture is pretty nifty and I think I will repent and like it.  But, I am still in pursuit of the perfect picture of David...

David trellis portrait medium.jpg

He is my nephew and he was on a visit to a farm over in Vietnam, where he and his family live, right now.  That is a bamboo bean trellis on the banks of a pond, I believe.  The photo is really nifty.  I wish it was bigger, though.

The picture was done with only pastel pencils on 8x10 sanded paper.