The Edge of the World

This poor little feller looks like he has reached the edge of his known world and is wondering what to do now.  LOL!

The Edge of the World medium.jpg

This painting took three days and when I was finished I couldn't see it.  You know, it is a strange phenomenon that when you paint a picture, you can't see it, but when you walk away and give your eyes a rest you can come back and suddenly see it.  Every single time, I despair that I have made a mess and every single time, after my eyes have rested from it, it is so much better.  (Sometimes, yes, it is a mess, but it is a much better mess after I rest my eyes.)  This is acrylics on canvas.  It is 8x10.

I thank the Lord for giving me the ability and desire to paint and draw.

Have you ever eaten snails?  I have not and have no plans in that direction.  LOL!