Work in Progress: David, again...

Okay, first I just want to say that I have decided not to do anymore posts on commissions, because I just can't think of a thing to say about it, other than is already said on my commission page.  If you have any questions, please ask me, otherwise I can't think of anything new and exciting to say.  LOL!

You all saw my attempt at a pastel portrait of my nephew, David, and what a flop it was.  Since then, I have tried to do an acrylic portrait of him.  No go!  What a mess that was!  LOL!  I had determined, when I started this online art journey, that I would share all my failures, but I won't share the acrylic attempt at David.  I want to spare him the pain.

David WIP.jpg

So, Mr. Beloved suggested I go back to graphite and I have.  This morning, it took me about two hours to get the sketch down.  Now, to work!  You don't know how much I want this one to work out.  It drives me nuts when I can't get it.  Especially the eyes, my favorite part.