Early Season Garden Update

Okee-dokee!  I have the garden in and it is growing.  I tilled the soil at least eight times before planting.  It was heavily grown over with weeds, which made it difficult getting it ready for planting, but it also meant that it was fertile.  There are lots of earthworms, which is always a good sign.


In past years, I always started my own seeds, but this year I bought almost all of the plants.  Plants include:  yellow squash, marigolds, tomatoes, lettuce, snapdragons, kale, kohlrabi, and sunflowers.  Seeds include:  green beans, zucchini, and radishes.  I have to hoe every day, because weed seeds are vigorously sprouting and growing with great glee.

I have them in raised beds, because our clay soil is very slow draining and, in past years, the boggy conditions have been very discouraging and I have given up.  I don't want to give up, this time.  I have planted almost all of it on raised beds and plan to put on my wellies, if necessary, to weed the garden.

The fence is an electrified fence, with a battery, to try to keep out raccoons and rabbits.  We have deer problems, also, but there is not much I can do about that.  One year, I planted a beautiful leaf lettuce mix.  It grow beautifully, but it never got high enough to cut some.  I kept watering, weeding, and wondering when it was going to grow.  Then I finally realized that the deer were keeping it mowed.  I never got a salad from the garden, that year.  LOL!  The deer can easily hop over the fence and wipe out the garden, however, if they would just touch the fence with their noses, I'm sure they would go elsewhere...

I will take more pictures as it grows.  I must attend to spring cleaning now.  It's hard.  I hate cleaning.  If only I could make my first million and hire someone to keep up with my messes.  I much prefer to make the mess!  LOL!  It is chilly and rainy, now, so it is a great time to stay inside and putter.