Spring Flowers and a WIP

Okay, who watched Loving Vincent?  Please comment below and let me know.


I took some photos, today.  I was trying to get some of my own reference photos, but I don't know that I got anything I can actually use.  They are pretty, though, so enjoy.  The one, above, is the chicken coop, which is not being used by chickens, right now.  It is scheduled for some renovations, this summer.  Also, I will be tilling and planting the chicken yard with good things for chickens to eat.  It won't last long, once chickens are using it, but they will have something for a little while, at least.  For the plants to last any time in the chicken yard, there must be very few chickens.  Like, maybe six, but we usually have at least a dozen, so it turns to bare dirt, soon.


Spring Beauties.


These wild violets are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to grass!


Ants lovin' on Peonies.

Redbud 1.jpg
Redbud 2.jpg
Redbud 3.jpg

My favorite Redbud tree, in front of our lovely River Birch.  I tried to capture the bees that are swarming the redbud tree, but was not successful.  I do like the pictures that I did get.


I started another portrait.  I found a nifty photo of a Donkey Herder from Greece.  I love faces with character.  I hope I get it...