New Art School

Greetings!  I have joined a new art school and I am taking my first class.  The emphasis of this school is illustration, which I am still having a hard time defining in my mind.  I cannot seem to understand the difference between illustration and any other art.  However, I think a little light is dawning with the name of this new school:  Society of Visual Storytelling.  Hmmm...  So, illustration is making art that tells a story.  Doesn't all art tell a story?  Well, maybe not in the same way.  Anyway, I am determined to learn about this.  So, I am starting at the beginning, again.  LOL!  I have started at the beginning so many times!


I am in the process of a class called "How to Draw Everything", which is basically the fundamentals of art.  I know I have already been through the fundamentals several times, but it is nifty to get it from other points of view.  Every time I have taken a class on the same thing from someone new, I have learned something new.


I am doing lots of repetition and it is getting my creative juices flowing.  So, this is where I am at right now.

Also, my garden is almost floating.  LOL!  It has been raining for a while, now.  I need to get my wellies on and get some salad fixin's.