WIP: Greek Guy

Work in Progress: Greek Donkey Herder. Also known as "Greek Guy". LOL! He has been staring at me for a while, so I did a little work on him, today. I think he is coming along, but I don't know about the orange paper...

WIP greek guy.jpg

I have been making firm decisions to get totally off the internet. Then I will find various reasons not to. Then I will get frustrated with my lack of concentration and much shorter attention span, in addition to creeping social media addiction and decide "This is it! I'm getting off the internet!" Then, I find other reasons to stay on. One of the big ones is that online schools are about the only ones I can afford.

So, I have decided to use a system for keeping me off the computer during the day and I will have limited time, in the evenings, to do my online work, including making posts and taking classes. We will see how that works. My first day, yesterday, was very productive and I was able to get back to peace and quiet. Lovely!

So, what do you think of Greek Guy, so far?